Privacy Policy

The Kirystore website is owned and operated by the Kirystore Company.

Kirystore is dedicated to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring the protection of your personal data. We are committed to implementing appropriate measures to secure this data and to handling and utilizing it in accordance with relevant regulations, including the Californian Consumer Privacy Act, Massachusetts Data Privacy Law (S-120), New York Privacy Act (S5642), Hawaii Consumer Privacy Protection Act (SB 418), and Maryland Consumer Privacy Protection Act (SB 613).

Article 1: Data Controller

Your information is collected by Kirystore, a company headquartered at 23061 Fall River Rd, Moreno Valley, CA 92557, USA.

In accordance with US data protection regulations, Kirystore serves as the data controller.

Kirystore has designated a Data Protection Officer who can be reached via email at: [email protected].

Article 2: Data Collection and Purposes

Kirystore, acting as the data controller, is responsible for collecting, accessing, using, modifying, storing, transmitting, and deleting personal data in the course of its commercial and contractual activities.

In compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018), the terms “Data” or “Personal Data” refer to any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person, hereinafter referred to as the “Concerned Person.”

An “identifiable natural person” is defined as an individual who can be directly or indirectly identified, particularly through identifiers such as a name, identification number, location data, online identifier, or specific elements related to their physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural, or social identity.

Kirystore commits to collecting personal data solely for specific, clear, and lawful purposes, and not to process this data subsequently in a manner inconsistent with those purposes.

Kirystore pledges to process only personal data that is relevant, appropriate, and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which it is collected.

Most of this data is obtained directly from data subjects when they:

  • Create a personal account on the Kirystore website or application.
  • Request information from Kirystore.
  • Place an order on the Kirystore website or application.
  • Navigate the Kirystore website or application and/or view products.
  • Participate in a game or contest organized by Kirystore.
  • Contact Kirystore customer service.

In the context of the activities mentioned above, Kirystore collects the following data:

  • Identity data (name, first name, gender, age, date of birth).
  • Contact data (email, postal address, telephone number, social media details).
  • Billing information and payment details.
  • Details of services and subscriptions obtained.
  • History of the contractual relationship.
  • Copies of correspondence from individuals to customer service.
  • When applicable, responses to surveys, forms, and comments or opinions.
  • Technical information related to browsing (e.g., IP address, browsing history, visit path, browser, operating system, device information used to access the website, etc.).

To provide transparency on Kirystore‘s data processing, we inform data subjects that Kirystore may process their data for the following purposes:

  • Administrative management processes (customer accounts, orders, deliveries, invoicing, and collections).
  • Customer relationship management processes (handling feedback, satisfaction surveys, loyalty program management).
  • Complaint management processes (after-sales service, handling requests related to access, rectification, opposition, deletion, dispute resolution).
  • Marketing activities and website/application enhancement processes (traffic analysis, customer targeting, etc.).

Article 3: Data Hosting

All personal data collected and processed by Kirystore is hosted within the United States.

Article 4: Data Recipients

Kirystore is the exclusive recipient of your data and commits to not sharing it with third parties, except when legal requirements compel the transmission of data to state authorities.

Article 5: Data Retention Period

Data is retained for a duration aligned with processing purposes and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Customer data is retained during the contractual relationship and may be stored for ten (10) years following the termination of the contractual relationship to fulfill accounting and tax obligations.

Article 6: Your Rights

In adherence to US data protection regulations, individuals possess the right to access, rectify, erase, and port their personal data, as well as the right to restrict and object to the processing of this data.

These rights can be exercised by reaching out to us at the following address: [email protected].

Individuals also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Furthermore, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, individuals have the option to determine the fate of their data after their passing.

Article 7: Cookies Policy

A Cookie(s): is a text file deposited on your device’s hard drive by the website server or the Kirystore application. Typically, it contains the server’s name that placed it, a unique identifier, and an expiration date. Cookies are designed to collect information related to your browsing to provide you with services tailored to your device (computer, mobile, or tablet).

7.1 Functional Cookies

Functional cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website and application. They enable users to access key features of the site and secure their login. Users can access their personal areas via usernames and passwords. These cookies also allow users to add products to their shopping carts and maintain an active cart.

These cookies have a short lifespan, limited to the duration of the session.

Disabling or deleting these cookies is not recommended, as it would prevent users from using the websites as intended.

7.2 User Experience Enhancement Cookies

These cookies enable the optimization of the website and the Kirystore application’s performance. They adapt the presentation of these sites based on users’ terminal display preferences, ensuring a seamless and personalized navigation experience.

The lifespan of technical performance cookies is limited to thirteen months. Refusal to accept these cookies will result in an inability to enjoy the described functionalities.

7.3 Technical Performance Cookies

Technical performance cookies empower Kirystore to monitor site performance, detect issues to minimize inconvenience for users, activate and support security features, identify malicious activity, and uphold these Terms of Service.

The lifespan of technical performance cookies is limited to thirteen months. Refusal or deletion of these cookies does not impact users’ browsing experience.

7.4 Audience Measurement Cookies

Audience measurement and statistics Cookies enable the data controller to understand site usage and performance, generate statistics, track visit volumes, and analyze the use of various elements (visited content, navigation paths, etc.) to enhance the services’ appeal and usability (e.g., frequently visited pages or sections, most-read articles).

The lifespan of audience measurement cookies is limited to thirteen months. Refusal or deletion of these cookies does not affect users’ browsing.

7.5 Advertising Cookies

During users’ browsing across all pages of the website and application, Kirystore may process browsing data and utilize advertising cookies to deliver advertisements aligned with users’ interests. These cookies also help limit the number of times a visitor sees an ad and enable the Data controller to evaluate advertising campaign effectiveness.

The lifespan of advertising cookies is limited to thirteen months. Refusal of these advertising cookies does not impact website or application usage.

7.6 Sharing Cookies (Social Networks)

The Kirystore‘s website and application may incorporate social media buttons or modules (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) that enable visitors to share content or communicate their views about the site’s content with others.

When visitors utilize these sharing buttons, a third-party social network cookie is deployed. If visitors are logged into their social network account while browsing, these buttons link the viewed content to their user account.

Visitors are encouraged to review the privacy policies of these social networks to understand their purposes of use, including advertising, the browsing information they may collect via these application buttons, and the associated cookie duration.

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